Tuesday, July 05, 2005

A Three Hour Tour

Holidays are a time for games, food and of course more stories about my mother-in-law (hereafter known as MIL). Annoyed with the dreaded "three hour visit" that loomed in my not-so-distant horizon, my devious mind set to work after the phone call on Thursday where I was dually informed that:a) I can begin solids/cereals any day nowb) She hasn't seen the munchkin in "forever"Neither of these comments were formally expressed, but implied. For those of you who don't speak MIL-ese it sounds like this:"is she crawling yet?""no, she's still too little""oh, I wasn't sure since I never see her*"(sidebar: I was at a funeral Monday, hosted a play group Wednesday and matron of honor in my sister's wedding on Friday. GET OFF ME LADY!)Anyway, back to the story. Since DH had an unprecedented 3 1/2 day hiatus from work I proactively suggested we invite MIL to my grandmother's picnic. This is a bonus in three ways, folks.
It counts as a visit, but I was free to ignore her once fixing her a plate and showing her to the bathroom. After all, it would be rude of me to dote on her and not mingle, right?
Because she lives 30 minutes away, Baby and I didn't do the drop off and pick up, leaving dear hubby with 1 hour of the "visit" solo.
There were people at the party that hadn't already been accosted by stories of her ailments and family tree ramblings. Score!
Everyone survived the picnic, including the munchkin, who is now the proud owner of a bib that says "I love my Grandma" - just in case I had forgotten.


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