Monday, November 07, 2005

Top 10* list of MIL related peeves

10. Telling us that you would have made something to eat, but you didn't know if we would eat on our way. One way to solve this is to ask us.
9. Refusing to talk to your son when I try to give him the phone. You carried HIM for 9 months, why is it my job to talk to you.
8. Referring to my relatives as "oh you're the irish one" or "you're the italian one" to their face.
7. Bringing 6 cupcakes to a party where you know there are at least 30 people
6. Complaining that my mom chose to make Devilled Eggs because it's the easiest thing to do. It is not. Bringing 6 cupcakes is far easier,
5. Starting most of your sentences directed at me with the word "Listen"
4. Dropping off your refuge at my house, especially after you've asked me if I want something and I've turned it down.
3. Replying to every email that contains a web album with the phrase "make me one of each and keep em coming"
2. Feeding my dog eggs, chocolate and really cheap chewies and then calling me the day after to inquire about her digestive system.
1. Asking me a question and then later IN FRONT OF ME asking my husband the same question.

*I had to really edit to get it down to 10.


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