Monday, March 06, 2006


So every other MONDAY the hubby is off. That means to most, a day to do as you please, sleep in, have hanky panky with the wife, whatever. But to MIL it's a chance to get his ass over to her house to do shit. Granted we have work to do around our own house.

It always starts with a "Son... (he does have a name, you could use it. You must know it, I mean, you named him! ) ...Is this your Monday off? " or "When's your next free Monday?". So far in 2006, he's cleaned out her attic and basement twice, stripped the appliances from the kitchen, and waited all day to have her furance cleaned and then there's today!!!

Today... lets start with the fact that he was away for work all weekend. Then on his only day off in the past 10, he is required to housesit all day waiting for the guys she hired to come lay a new kitchen floor. This has become an urgent project, even though the kitchen has been torn apart for over the 3 years I've been dating/married to him. So, as of 10:30 last night we still didn't hear from her with what time he needed to report for duty today.

I call him during my lunchbreak and the men aren't there yet. I ask what kinda of bleeping morons did his mom hire. He says there was a message on her machine when he got there that they'd be there between 12-4pm. Reasons his mom should push the button when she #1 hears an annoying bleep every 30 seconds or #2 sees the red light blinking on that little black machine by the phone. So the men do eventually roll in around 1:30. ( after he has put in about 5 hours of housesitting).

The best part? They cut the flooring wrong and have to reorder it! So I guess in a few Mondays hubby will be called to duty again. Worst part, she's without a kitchen sink - she is not dragging dishes here to wash. Ohh yeah - she mainly eats out - not a BIG ISSUE. (let's save that for another day shall we!)

The sad part is my MIL is really a likable person. In that sugary, sweet, kinda Mary Poppins way. I don't HATE her - she just annoys me by ASSUMING that she's the only one with dibs on the Hubby.


Blogger Daughter In Law said...

You need a big Honey-Do list on the fridge or calendar. Start pencilling him in for YOUR projects and "aw shucks" there won't be any time left for hers.

5:25 AM  
Blogger OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

I was laughing really hard nodding my head agreeing with every word from these postings and suddenly a thought struck me.............I'm a MIL what the heck am I laughing at?

I try really hard to not be MY MIL which is one of those people that makes you feel like a LOSER and nothing you do is good enough and your ruined HER SONS life. Then you talk to other people in the family like my SILs and they talk about how your her favorite and she thinks you walk on water and they cannot in any way live up to you. HELLO TALK ABOUT SPLIT PERSONALITY - AT THE VERY LEAST SPLIT TOUNGED!

4:11 PM  
Blogger kenju said...

I hate to put a damper on this, but your husband needs to grow a pair and tell her that his wife and kids come first.

8:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I go through the exact same thing! I can't get DH to do the things my house needs because he has to go repair their multiple houses with no help from his siblings. You see they all have children that they need to spend time with. Thank fully my kids don't need quality time with their dad. (EYE ROLL) When they call to schedule his time off I explain that he has worked 10 days staright and we need time together and am told you can do that some other time, etc. Yet on the same token they never think of him on Bday's or any other time of the year. Well FIL/MIL why don't you call the other two kids you have and have them get off their lazy asses for a change. They are certainly capable of spending all your money, let them do something for that money for once. Sorry but this really struck a note as this happens constantly!

KENJU you are right on the money and I have told my husband this many times.

6:01 AM  

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