Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Psst...little girl you want some candy?

I started typing out a comment to DD about her mil pushing the sweets and it took on a life of its own.

My mil never made my husband eat anything he didn't like. As a result he doesn't eat 90% of most fruits and veggies. After a few years of begging him to at least TRY salad we found out that he actually likes it. Part of the problem was her cheapness. She only ever bought iceberg lettuce and the cheapest dressing she could find. My husband knew nothing of Romaine's leafy goodness much less the delight of a balsalmic or ceasar dressing. And croutons? That's alien to a woman of her culinary prowess.

The mil is our regular dog-sitter; and she gladly watches the dog with little grief. She loves to feed the dog from the table even after asked not to. Then there is the degree of delight I see in her face every time we pick up the dog and she "casually on purpose" mentions some kind of forbidden food she lavished on the dog. It's like she is temptng me to correct her after using her kennel service for free. Result? The dog pukes every time we pick her up from that woman.

And now it begins with my daugter. The sly comments about when can my daughter have "the good stuff." Ummmm, she's breast-fed so she is getting the good stuff right now. She somehow needs to buy love from those around her and food is her currency.


Blogger DD said...

Start checking her purse. I bet she's got a bag full of chocolate coins.

My MIL "hides" the candy in the parlor, so I can't understand why my son knows all the hiding spots. That kid must have xray vision or somethin'.

6:31 AM  
Blogger grody jo-dee said...

why do all evil MILs not appreciate breastfeeding?? it's like they think that whatever they would feed the baby is better...because sure, what people have been doing for centuries must not raise a healthy child.

9:42 AM  
Blogger grody jo-dee said...

oh, and my MIL is a "cook" of the same variety. grilled salmon with orzo and spinach? "i don't know if i can eat that...i might have to fix a sandwich. you DO like all those foreign foods." well, i have a news flash. just because it's not from a can or fried, does not mean it's an exotic foreign food.

1:32 PM  
Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

When Courtney was probably eight or nine months old, my aunt fed her some vanilla ice cream. Up until that point, she hadn't had any. Boy, did her face light up!! I hadn't given her sweets at all before.
I was annoyed that my aunt did this, but it wasn't a huge deal, so I just enjoyed how happy Courtney looked to eat some ice cream.
I hope your MIL will respect whatever eating restrictions you set for your daughter. Especially, if feeding her stuff makes her throw up like the dog does. That would be something I would not tolerate!
My friend's niece has a disease and part of keeping her healthy (and alive, I might add) is being sure she does not eat certain things. When she's at her grandmother's, her grandma always tries to "cheat" so she can eat something "good." Can you believe that????

2:55 PM  
Blogger Yome said...

My MIL gave my son ice-cream at the weekend and I was NOT impressed because ice-cream has egg in it and as I am allergic to eggs, I wanted to avoid things containing eggs for as long as possible. (i can eat ice-cream but only small amounts) THat said, he looked so happy that I didn`t have the heart to give her too much of a hard time and as he will be one in 2 weeks I decided to just take a deep breath and tell her not to give him anymore because it not only has egg but it has lots of sugar!!

That said, it is totally about respect. When you specifically tell someone what your baby/dog should or shouldn`t be consuming and they ignore you, they are showing a huge lack of respect towards you. My MIL didn`t realise ice-cream had egg in it so I will forgive her this once but if I catch her giving it to him again I will kick her butt!! ;-)

As for the dog thing, if you have told her not to give the dog stuff and she is ignoring you, free-dogsitting or not, I feel you have the right to tell her that you don`t want the dog to have that stuff.

Jamie- I can`t believe that grandma is like that, does she not want her grandchild to grow up!?!

3:58 PM  
Blogger apron strings said...

food is her currency - a great one!! What is it about older people and their need to feed. IS it a result of caveman days and the need for survival?!

My mil feeds her grandchild (my niece) popsicle after popsicle. I've observed this on numerous occassions and once I said "gee - a 3rd one, isn't that a lot of sugar for a 4 yr old?" Too which I found out there was nothing else edible in the house for the poor kid.

That's what happens I guess when you mainly eat takeout... an empty fridge. So why did she need a remodeled kitchen?!?!?! hell if I know!

3:40 PM  
Anonymous Laura said...

My hub was raised the same exact same way. She never made anything he didnt like to eat. He also never had a salad while growing up, and wouldn't eat the ones I made. BUT! He would eat salad whenever we went out to eat. #$@@#
Finally I made him a salad bar at home. He got busy putting the whole salad together, guess he thought it was fun. After he ate... THEN, I pointed out what an idiot, er.. the error of his ways. That was 20 yrs ago. He grew out of that shit in a hurry.

7:18 PM  

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