Monday, September 11, 2006

Second Opinion

Dear MIL,

Why does it seem you only ask to talk to me when you need something? And now that you no longer live in this state I am your own personal errand girl apparently. Fine.

So when I told you a certain piece of information a few months ago, in an effort to help you in your time of need, you ignored me. Fine. Why now, all of a sudden, because you heard the SAME EXACT THING from some one else, you now believe what I said...just because someone else said so too? Why couldn't you believe me in the first place? Oh because I don't know anything, that's right. Fine.

I'll do what you ask, but I won't guarantee it will work. Bad ju-ju and all that.

Your DIL


Blogger Stacy said...

I'm going to see my MIL tomorrow with the family for a long weekend. Bleck. I expect conversations along the lines of this. Fun, fun!

2:16 PM  
Blogger Madisons*mum said...

this whole blog cracks me up, it's like i should have been writing it myself....gotta love thoses MILs(rolls eyes)

5:02 PM  

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