Monday, January 08, 2007

Delurk and UNITE!

We only catch brief glimpses of some of our readers' MILDEW problems, but we would love to hear more so we can provide the appropriate balance between snark and support to those of you unfortunate enough not to have a MIL that brings you sugar cookies every Saturday afternoon and who tells you that you are the best thing that's happened to her son since he was born.

So, in honor of National Delurking Week 2007, send your best MILDEW stories to ddknockedup at yahoo dot com and I will post them anonymously on your behalf. Send as many stories as you like. We will post them in installments of 10. We should easily get at least 10 stories, right?

C'mon ladies (and men)! It'll be cathartic. You know you want to! Don't be shy. There's no deadline, but the sooner you send me your story, the sooner you'll see it here!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

God bless you!

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