Tuesday, December 05, 2006

No More Sitting

Dear MIL,

I sat quietly & took it when you said you expected me to give up on your son, like I had "given up" on my first career path.
I sat quietly as you tried to run my wedding into the ground.
I sat quietly as you called your own daughter "too chubby".
I sat quietly as you told me I'd never be a "good enough" wife for your son.
I sat quietly as you sneezed profusely, swearing that you were "allergic" to the smell of the coffee that I was brewing in my home, for your husband.
I sat quietly as you shook your boney finger in my face because I let my daughter eat some cotton candy. Would you rather I force-feed her raw asparagus until she throws up, like you did to your son?
I sat quietly as you rambled on & on about how great your daughter's fionce's family is, because you get along so well with his mother. And because his sisters are all so well-educated.

Allow me to now educate you.

I will sit quietly no more. You may not beg my husband to contact some random girl he barely remembers from high school, who happens to still be single & who lives a mere hour from us. And who has my name! Just what the hell are you trying to do?? Allow me to merely say, "Game.ON."

Kiss, kiss (my ass),